Our Team

Our caring and compassionate veterinary care team!

We have an all female team at High Street Vet Surgery. Our vets and vet nurses have a wide variety of Veterinary experience and education, including the very latest in treatments and technologies.

Our veterinary team is known for being incredibly caring and dedicated, always exceeding client expectations.

Our team handles the many highs and lows of the daily happenings in a Veterinary Practice with a sense of responsibility, respect and fun. Animals bring out the best in our clients and staff and that energises us to be our best at all times.


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Dr Jocelyn Birch Baker

Dr Jocelyn Birch Baker is an experienced vet in the central region and across a…
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Dr Kirsty Downing

Dr Kirsty has come to High Street in Dec 2017 after spending time in western…
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Sophie Boyle

Dr Sophie Boyle joined the High Street team on Tuesday 14 November.  Sophie is a…

Nursing Team

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Jamee Robertson

Jamee Robertson is a keen new part time nurse, likes her dogs and pony, cares…
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Jess Cleary

Jess Cleary, our head nurse, is another of our horse people and joined us in…
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Mikayla Koina

Mikayla joined HSVS as a casual Vet Technologist in 2017 after completing her degree in…
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Tegan Mooney

Tegan Mooney is a vet nurse who comes from an orthopaedic background in Sydney. As…
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Kate is a local woman doing a great job as a vet nurse at High…

Reception Team

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Julie Vloedmans

Julie Vloedmans is our admin person to cover anything and everything that pops up. Julie…