Qualifications:  Bachelor of Veterinary Science Hons (BVSc).

Kirsty spent most of her childhood in South Africa. In 2007 her family decided to migrate to Australia, where they lived in parts of NSW and QLD. Due to her love of interacting with animals and supporting the human-animal bond, Kirsty started her biggest adventure, pursuing a Veterinary career. In 2014, Kirsty graduated from the University of Queensland with Honours in a Bachelor of Veterinary Science. After spending time in western NSW working in a mixed animal practice, Kirsty joined the High Street family in December 2017 as a veterinarian.

Kirsty is a great addition to High Street where she is valued for her caring nature, problem-solving skills, passion, commitment, and sharp mind. In 2020, Kirsty and her husband welcomed a gorgeous little boy into the family. Kirsty took some time off work to care for her son and then returned to work as a part-time veterinarian.

“I love being a Veterinary Surgeon because I can help to improve a pet’s quality of life and have a significant impact on their overall health. No one day is the same as another and you can never predict what will walk through the door. I love chatting with the owners and hearing of their pets’ antics. The veterinary industry is constantly changing and evolving as science progresses and I love to be constantly challenged, continuing to learn and grow as a veterinarian and expand my skill set.”

Interest/Hobbies: On her days off Kirsty is busy caring for her little human and spending time with her husband. Kirsty also enjoys horse-riding, camping and when the opportunities arise, setting off with her family exploring Australia.

Pets: Kirsty also has a fluffy, cheeky Jack Russell called Jaffa, who was their first fur baby who is a very much loved family member.

Meet Dr. Kirsty Downing