Qualifications: Cert III Veterinary Nurse

Born in New Zealand, Grace moved to Yeppoon in QLD with her family when she was still a child, and then to Rockhampton in 2020. Grace always wanted to help animals from a very young age, and that didn’t change as she got older. After leaving school, she worked in hospitality and eventually became a functions manager at a restaurant, where she stayed for the next five years.

Grace met Dr Jocelyn one day when she came in to arrange a business function at the restaurant. They built a rapport as they continued to work together, and Dr Jocelyn was impressed with Grace’s energy and enthusiasm. Grace still really wanted to work with animals, so she found the courage to mention that she was interested in doing work experience at a veterinary clinic one day. Dr Jocelyn offered her a position, and Grace joined the HSVS team in late 2020.

Grace’s bubbly personality and her hospitality experience have helped develop her exceptional communication and social skills. She genuinely enjoys helping people and is always willing to lend a sympathetic ear to anyone who needs a chat.

“I love being a vet nurse because you get to help animals who can’t speak for themselves. The positive cases make you happy, and it’s so rewarding to help families through their pet’s recovery.”

Interests/Hobbies: Grace loves to play netball, go roller skating, walk on the beach, and listen to music.

Pets: Mrs. Baggins was a stray cat when Grace adopted her and brought her home. Grace originally thought she was a boy, until she took her to the vet for desexing and found out she was a girl. Grace changed her cat’s name from “Mr.” to “Mrs.” and they have been living happily together for the past 5 years.