Qualifications: Certificate in Veterinary Nursing IV

Kate is one of our most well-known faces at HSVS, having been with the clinic since 2014. Her veterinary nurse skills span over a period of 14 years, having started her nursing role in 2006.

Kate started her Vet Nursing career in the UK in 2006 in small animal practice. She then spent some time night nursing post-surgical patients at an orthopaedic clinic, followed by a number of years doing nights and weekends at an emergency clinic in Greater London. Kate returned to Australia in 2014 where she joined the HSVS team.

In a world that is forever evolving within the animal veterinary science world, new medical research and techniques are being discovered Kate loves working alongside the vets whilst they do their medical detective work.

“I love being a Veterinary Nurse because it is a very gratifying job, especially when they go home, bright and happy after coming into the clinic being very unwell.”

Interest/Hobbies: Kate thrives on learning new things whilst the vets put pieces together to solve and treat ambiguous cases. When she’s not at work, Kate enjoys spending her down time reading and studying.

Pets: Kate loves to spend quality time her cats Prim and Loco.