Zarraffas otherwise affectionately known by staff as Z -Man, is our clinic’s very own permanent resident.

Zaraffas has been with High Street Vet Surgery for almost nine years. He was picked up after a man found him under a vending machine on his way to get his morning coffee at Zaraffas in Stockland Shopping centre. On his way down from getting his coffee, this little kitten was still there, so he was brought in to see us at High Street Vet Surgery.

In his early days, Zaraffas used to lounge around the clinic on the front desk and on the shelves, greeting each patient as they arrived. One day he decided he was bored, packed his knapsack and took off with his catnip and went off an exploration around North Rockhampton. Nine weeks later, we received a call from a local government official, letting us know that our Z-man had landed himself behind bars. After his mugshot was taken and details entered into the system, his microchip showed that he belonged to High Street Vet Surgery, so he was returned safely to his quarters.

After his expedition, Zaraffas adapted to life in the clinic again and has his very own king suite perched on top of all the other suites’ in the clinics back domain. He likes to keep a close eye on the daily going on’s of the patients within the clinic. At the end of the day, he will sometimes take a wander around the clinic, sniffing his way through, making sure everything is in order.

Since being with the clinic, he has certified himself as the master, observing his servants where he performs a cat scan upon their entry into his quarters. His other qualifications include sleep expert, stylist, abstract artist, negotiator and food disposer. His favourite meal includes the Hill’s Science Diet C/D range.

“I love being Master of the clinic, because I get to use my charm and abilities to schmooze my way through the clinic receiving lots of pats and attention from anyone that comes my way. As part of my initiation process for new staff, I like to give them a love bite. If I do this, it means you are now part of my domain and you are obliged to feed me and pat me when I require it. I only eat the highest quality of food being the Hill’s Science Diet C/D.

Interests/Hobbies: Zaraffas enjoys sleeping his days away and spending time in his very own holiday house at the back of the property where he lounges around basking in the sun and watching the world go by. He also enjoys going for strolls around the clinic, brushing against anything he feels is worthy of his scent.

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