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Dr. Jocelyn Birch Baker, BVSc (Hons)

Business Owner/Senior Veterinary Surgeon

Qualifications: Bachelor of Veterinary Science Hons (BVSc)

Dr. Jocelyn grew up in Cawarral where she rode ponies to school and developed a great love for animals. She commenced her Veterinary career in the 1980s working for Lester Torenbeek before moving out of town to live and work on a cattle station. Jocelyn enjoyed being busy with cattle and horses, raising her two daughters and taking on numerous roles within the beef industry.

  • Board Member of The Queensland Beef Industry Institute
  • Member of The North Australian Programme Committee, For Meat and Livestock Australia
  • Chairman of The Education Committee for Beef ’87
  • Chair of The Local Beef Improvement Association
  • Quality Assurance and Veterinary Chemical Trainer

Jocelyn returned to Rockhampton and the Veterinary profession in 1996, working as a Locum and part-time vet at many central Queensland vet clinics. She spent a year working for a Melbourne company doing IVF work in cattle in Queensland and Victoria. Since raising and educating her daughters, Jocelyn has focused on her veterinary career, taking ownership of High Street Veterinary Surgery in July 2012. In 2014 High Street Veterinary Surgery was awarded the Best in Business in Central Queensland. Every day Jocelyn proves that local women can do very well in this great part of Queensland and no dream is too big or too small.

“I love being a Veterinary Surgeon because it is totally captivating. There is so much that you can do, from preventative work through to diagnosing, medical workup, treatment, surgery and rehabilitation. The meeting, developing trust and developing friendships with the people who come to us for help is very humbling.”

Interest/Hobbies: Jocelyn has a particular interest in developing new pathways and flexibility in clinics, for mothers returning to the workforce. To this end, Jocelyn founded a new business, ‘Smooth Operating Vets’. She also enjoys being out on the water with a nice glass of wine and her partner, watching the whales frolic around their boat.

Pets: Jocelyn owns a beautiful Border Collie named Billie-Jean, a Labrador-retrieve, Lucy Lulu and Ben the cat.

Meet Dr. Jocelyn Birch Baker

Dr. Kirsty Downing, BVSc (Hons)

Veterinary Surgeon

Qualifications:  Bachelor of Veterinary Science Hons (BVSc).

Kirsty spent most of her childhood in South Africa. In 2007 her family decided to migrate to Australia, where they lived in parts of NSW and QLD. Due to her love of interacting with animals and supporting the human-animal bond, Kirsty started her biggest adventure, pursuing a Veterinary career. In 2014, Kirsty graduated from the University of Queensland with Honours in a Bachelor of Veterinary Science. After spending time in western NSW working in a mixed animal practice, Kirsty joined the High Street family in December 2017 as a veterinarian.

Kirsty is a great addition to High Street where she is valued for her caring nature, problem-solving skills, passion, commitment, and sharp mind. In 2020, Kirsty and her husband welcomed a gorgeous little boy into the family. Kirsty took some time off work to care for her son and then returned to work as a part-time veterinarian.

“I love being a Veterinary Surgeon because I can help to improve a pet’s quality of life and have a significant impact on their overall health. No one day is the same as another and you can never predict what will walk through the door. I love chatting with the owners and hearing of their pets’ antics. The veterinary industry is constantly changing and evolving as science progresses and I love to be constantly challenged, continuing to learn and grow as a veterinarian and expand my skill set.”

Interest/Hobbies: On her days off Kirsty is busy caring for her little human and spending time with her husband. Kirsty also enjoys horse-riding, camping and when the opportunities arise, setting off with her family exploring Australia.

Pets: Kirsty also has a fluffy, cheeky Jack Russell called Jaffa, who was their first fur baby who is a very much loved family member.

Meet Dr. Kirsty Downing

Dr. Sophie Boyle, BVSc

Veterinary Surgeon

Qualifications: Bachelor of Veterinary Science (BVSc)

Sophie grew up in Rockhampton and graduated from James Cook University with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science in 2016. She began her career working in a rural mixed practice in Hughenden, in outback Queensland, where she gained some valuable experience learning to be resourceful, independent & caring.

Sophie originally came to us as a veterinary student when she did her prac-work and we have always known that she would become a great vet. This combined with her love for small animals led her to join the High Street family in November 2017. Sophie is a welcome addition to High Street as we grow and solve clients’ problems with their much loved four-legged family members.

“I love being a Veterinary Surgeon because I have the ability to care for and treat people’s pets. I enjoy working with owners to best care for their pet’s needs. I love that every day is different, every patient has their own little personality, and that I get to learn something new every day! I love that our profession is always moving forward with medicine and knowledge enabling our pets to have more time with us!”

Interest/Hobbies: Sophie enjoys the challenges that come with every medical, surgical, and emergency case. She thrives on putting her knowledge to good use and getting the best outcome. She has a particular interest in sonography, completing an advanced course in 2018. This has been a very beneficial addition to offer for our complex medical work-ups.

In her spare time, Sophie enjoys the outdoors and when she is not outside, she likes making and creating wonderful smelling candles for her little side business.

Pets: Dr. Sophie loves playing and spending time with her mischievous cattle dog Kora and playful Bull Arab Tik.

Meet Dr. Sophie Boyle

Dr. Frances Dahl, BVSc

Veterinary Surgeon

Dr Fran is currently on Maternity Leave

Qualifications: Bachelor of Veterinary Science (BVSc)

Fran grew up on a cattle property in North Queensland, where she developed her love of caring for small & large animals. She graduated from The University of Queensland in 2008 with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science. She began her career working at a busy mixed vet practice near Beaudesert for just over 2 years, before moving north to Rockhampton, where she worked in a mixed practice for 4 & ½ years. Fran took time away from the profession to have 2 children and joined the team at High Street Vet Surgery as a part-time Veterinarian in January 2019.

“I love being a Veterinary Surgeon because it gives me great pleasure being able to problem solve, help, care for & treat pets in a variety of ways & the joy it brings their families when they improve. I love meeting new clients & their fur babies & developing the relationship with them as their pets grow up. I also enjoy the variety of the job, every day is different & keeps things interesting & challenging. It is a very rewarding profession for me in general in many ways.”

Interest/Hobbies: Fran enjoys both small animal medicine & surgery, with a particular interest in problem-solving medical cases & performing soft tissue surgery. On her days off she is busy caring for her three young girls and on weekends she enjoys spending time with her husband & children in the outdoors. She also enjoys photography, gardening & team sports if she finds the time amongst her busy schedule.

Pets: Dr. Fran loves her miniature longhair dachshund called ‘Pippi’, who was their first fur baby & is very much still a part of their family.

Dr. Libby Tapscott, BVSc

Veterinary Surgeon

Bio coming soon!

Dr. Virginia, BVSc & BSc (Vet)

Veterinary Surgeon

Qualifications: Bachelor of Veterinary Science (BVSc) & Bachelor of Science {BSc (Vet)}

Virginia grew up in Sydney and spent most of her childhood in the horse paddock at the end of her street and looking at things in the garden. She commenced a Bachelor of Veterinary Science at The University of Sydney in 1990. After finishing her third year, the possibility of a research career interested her. To test this out (and take a break from relentless exams), she spent a year away from veterinary science and completed a Bachelor of Science (Vet). This involved a collaborative research project into Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (otherwise known as SIDS or cot death) between the Veterinary Physiology Department and the Neonatal Department at King George V Hospital for Mothers and Babies. This valuable year (involving many hours of observing sleeping piglets) gave her a permanent appreciation of how veterinary science can inform and progress human medicine.

Upon graduating from Veterinary Science in 1995, Virginia worked in metropolitan Sydney for several years before relocating to rural northwest NSW with her husband and two small boys. As their family grew, she decided to take an extended break from veterinary work to raise their five children before returning to a part-time job at a mixed rural veterinary practice concentrating on small animal medicine and surgery. In 2015 her family drove across the Nullabor to start a new chapter of life in regional coastal Western Australia. She spent six years working in a small animal practice that also maintained a dedicated focus on birds and wildlife. She was privileged to spend the last three months in WA working as a locum in a bustling small animal emergency clinic before joining the High Street family in February 2021.

“I love being a veterinary surgeon because it brings together many things that I deeply value. Most importantly, being a vet allows me to do my best to alleviate suffering for pets and owners alike on a daily basis. What this looks like in practice is highly varied, which is another wonderful aspect of veterinary life. The scientist in me also loves to be challenged by the truth that no matter how complex or puzzling an illness is, the answer is right there in front of me, held entirely within that little furry (or feathered, or scaled) patient – and all I have to do is figure it out!”

Interest/Hobbies: A great day off for Virginia would involve spending time with her husband, dreaming about home improvements, and buying just one more exciting plant. Away from work, she enjoys bike riding and long-distant running, being part of the music team at her local church, and being involved in kids’ community sport, particularly cricket.

Pets: Traversing Australia twice has sadly meant saying goodbye to various sheep, goats, koi, axolotls, yabbies, and aquarium fish. However, Virginia’s family’s constant travelling companions include, Dug the labrador and Stanley the beagle, who love life in Rockhampton and can’t believe their luck in coming to another beautiful part of Australia.

“One small cat changes coming home to an empty house to coming home.”

-Pam Brown



Practice Manager/Senior Veterinary Nurse

Qualifications: Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing, Certificate III in Business Administration

Jamee started in the Veterinary industry after she decided to fulfill a lifelong dream “working with animals”. Jamee joined the High Street Family as a trainee nurse in 2014. While working, juggling family life and raising her son, she completed her studies and became a fully qualified veterinary nurse by 2018.

Her love of animals started as a young girl growing up in the region always bringing home all types of injured and stray animals. Jamee has always felt the need to love and care for all animal types volunteering her time at Rockhampton Zoo, Quoin Island Rehabilitation Centre and even travelling to a Veterinary Clinic in the Cook Islands.

“I love being a Veterinary Nurse because no two days are the same. Every day you face a different challenge, a different tongue lick and a waggy tail.”

Interest/Hobbies: Jamee has a fascination with oral hygiene and dental care and loves to channel her knowledge on to our clients. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time on her parent’s farm with her family.

Pets: Jamee has two dogs name Maxx a Bull Arab and Moo Moo a Staffy, a fresh water Turtle named Myrtle, a feline named Alice and two four-legged beasts named Ella and phoenix


Head/Senior Veterinary Nurse

Qualifications: Bachelor in Applied Science, with a major in Veterinary Technology.

Mikayla grew up in Yeppoon & after finishing secondary school, she enrolled in the University at UQ Gatton Campus. She graduated in 2017 with a Bachelor in Applied Science, with a major in Veterinary Technology.

Mikayla first came to High Street Vet Surgery as a student whilst doing her veterinary nursing placement. After graduating, she joined the High Street Vet Surgery family. Mikayla always knew she wanted to have a career working with animals.

Over the past few years, Mikayla has shown her dedication & commitment to our clients & their pets, which promoted her to a full-time position, taking on more responsibilities within the surgery.

Mikayla’s attention to detail, efficiency & enthusiastic attitude makes her one of our strongest assets at High Street Vet Surgery.

“I love being a Veterinary Nurse because I get to work with animals as they can’t help themselves and being an advocate for their health & well-being is my ultimate goal.”

Interest/Hobbies: Mikayla has a particular interest in Marine Studies and hopes to one day fulfill a dream of working in the industry while exploring and traveling around Australia. In her spare time, she enjoys the outdoors, playing women’s rugby & spending time with her partner.

Pets: Mikayla has a gorgeous Border Collie called Pippa.


Senior Veterinary Nurse/Cat Advocate

Qualifications: Certificate in Veterinary Nursing IV

Kate is one of our most well-known faces at HSVS, having been with the clinic since 2014. Her veterinary nurse skills span over a period of 14 years, having started her nursing role in 2006.

Kate started her Vet Nursing career in the UK in 2006 in small animal practice. She then spent some time night nursing post-surgical patients at an orthopaedic clinic, followed by a number of years doing nights and weekends at an emergency clinic in Greater London. Kate returned to Australia in 2014 where she joined the HSVS team.

In a world that is forever evolving within the animal veterinary science world, new medical research and techniques are being discovered Kate loves working alongside the vets whilst they do their medical detective work.

“I love being a Veterinary Nurse because it is a very gratifying job, especially when they go home, bright and happy after coming into the clinic being very unwell.”

Interest/Hobbies: Kate thrives on learning new things whilst the vets put pieces together to solve and treat ambiguous cases. When she’s not at work, Kate enjoys spending her down time reading and studying.

Pets: Kate loves to spend quality time her cats Prim and Loco.


Veterinary Nurse/Customer Service Representative

Qualifications: Currently Studying Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing

 Rebecca Aka Bec has worked in vet clinics around the CQ area over the last few years and joined the HSVS team in January 2020. Having worked as a hairdresser for 18 years, Bec knew her dream was to work within the animal industry and will be working on completing her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing.

Her passion for animal welfare and conservation, is what makes this role important to her and interacting with clients to educate the importance of animal care.

“I love being a Veterinary Nurse because it has always been a passion of mine to help heal the voiceless and assist side by side with the Veterinarians in healing and providing the utmost care for sick or injured pets. I love being a vet nurse because it also helps me to educate others on the importance of animal welfare.”

Interest/Hobbies: Bec likes to volunteer her time helping various animal rescues and is a member of the Animal Justice Party QLD. She one day plans to volunteer in various animal conservation camps overseas. In her down time, she likes to take her dogs to the beach, study for her certificate and have BBQs with friends and family.

Pets: Bec has 3 rescue dogs Bandit an American Bulldog, Trixie an American Staffy X and Jerzy a Bull Arab X along with 3 rescue cats Jasper, Miss Molly and Oscar and we can’t forget her rescue bird Marley a sun conure.


Veterinary Nurse/Customer Service Representative

Megan and her family made the move from Batemans Bay to sunny Queensland in 2019 where she joined the HSVS family. Megan has an extensive background working in the animal industry and has performed many roles throughout her career. From working in pet retail for 9 years, then veterinary nursing for another 9 years, Megan has specialised as a Puppy Pre- School Instructor, Pet Groomer and Receptionist in former vet clinics.

“I love being a Veterinary Nurse because I get to interact with animals, I love to help people and their pets, no two days are ever the same. Being a veterinary nurse allows me to learn new things which I love.”

Interests/Hobbies: Megan has a special interest in helping people and their animals, she loves to talk and interact with clients and their pets. In her spare times Megan loves to potter in her garden, going to the beach, snorkelling and spending time with family.

Pets: Megan has two beautiful German Short Haired Pointers named Alice and Lexi along with Cosmo the cat.

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Support Staff



Bio Coming Soon!


Support Staff

Julie has been a part of the HSVS family for over 5 years. Julie’s friendly face will greet you upon arrival, check you in, book your appointments, finalise your account, submit your insurance claims and handle any inquires you may have. Julie’s also assists with administrative duties and works alongside with our customers care nurses.

Julie has always had a love for animals. She has grown up with horses and taken her children through Pony Club to State and National levels.

In her spare time, she loves riding her horses Roanie and cuddling up with her chihuahua Pippa.

“An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language.”

-Martin Buber

Master of High Street Vet Surgery


Zarraffas otherwise affectionately known by staff as Z -Man, is our clinic’s very own permanent resident.

Zaraffas has been with High Street Vet Surgery for almost nine years. He was picked up after a man found him under a vending machine on his way to get his morning coffee at Zaraffas in Stockland Shopping centre. On his way down from getting his coffee, this little kitten was still there, so he was brought in to see us at High Street Vet Surgery.

In his early days, Zaraffas used to lounge around the clinic on the front desk and on the shelves, greeting each patient as they arrived. One day he decided he was bored, packed his knapsack and took off with his catnip and went off an exploration around North Rockhampton. Nine weeks later, we received a call from a local government official, letting us know that our Z-man had landed himself behind bars. After his mugshot was taken and details entered into the system, his microchip showed that he belonged to High Street Vet Surgery, so he was returned safely to his quarters.

After his expedition, Zaraffas adapted to life in the clinic again and has his very own king suite perched on top of all the other suites’ in the clinics back domain. He likes to keep a close eye on the daily going on’s of the patients within the clinic. At the end of the day, he will sometimes take a wander around the clinic, sniffing his way through, making sure everything is in order.

Since being with the clinic, he has certified himself as the master, observing his servants where he performs a cat scan upon their entry into his quarters. His other qualifications include sleep expert, stylist, abstract artist, negotiator and food disposer. His favourite meal includes the Hill’s Science Diet C/D range.

I love being Master of the clinic, because I get to use my charm and abilities to schmooze my way through the clinic receiving lots of pats and attention from anyone that comes my way. As part of my initiation process for new staff, I like to give them a love bite. If I do this, it means you are now part of my domain and you are obliged to feed me and pat me when I require it. I only eat the highest quality of food being the Hill’s Science Diet C/D.

Interests/Hobbies: Zaraffas enjoys sleeping his days away and spending time in his very own holiday house at the back of the property where he lounges around basking in the sun and watching the world go by. He also enjoys going for strolls around the clinic, brushing against anything he feels is worthy of his scent.

Pets: Staff at High Street Vet Surgery