Qualifications: Bachelor of Veterinary Science Hons (BVSc)

Dr. Jocelyn was brought up in Cawarral where she rode ponies to school and developed a great love for animals. She commenced her Veterinary career in the 1980s working for Lester Torenbeek before moving out of town and out of the CLINICAL Veterinary FIELD to live and work on a cattle station where she worked with cattle and horses while raising her two daughters. Jocelyn had various roles within the beef industry before returning to Rockhampton and the Veterinary profession. Some being:

  • Board Member of The Queensland Beef Industry Institute
  • Member of The North Australian Programme Committee, For Meat and Livestock Australia
  • Chairman of The Education Committee for Beef ’87
  • Chair of The Local Beef Improvement Association &
  • Quality Assurance and Veterinary Chemical Trainer

Jocelyn worked as a Locum and part-time vet at many central Queensland vet clinics. She spent a year working for a Melbourne company doing IVF work in cattle in Queensland and Victoria. Since raising and educating her daughters, Jocelyn has focused on her veterinary career, taking ownership of High Street Veterinary Surgery in July 2012. In 2014 High Street Veterinary Surgery, was awarded the Best in Business in Central Queensland. Every day Jocelyn proves that local women can do very well in this great part of Queensland and no dream is too big or too small.

“I love being a Veterinary Surgeon because It is totally captivating. There is so much that you can do, from preventative work through to diagnosing, medical work up, treatment, surgery and rehabilitation. The meeting, developing trust and developing friendships with the people who come to us for help is very humbling.”

Interest/Hobbies: Jocelyn has a particular interest in developing new pathways and flexibility in clinics, to assist mothers back in the workforce by starting her new business called ‘Smooth Operating Vets’. She also enjoys being out on the water enjoying a nice glass of wine with her partner and watching the whales frolic around their boat.

Pets: Jocelyn owns a beautiful Border Collie which was born at High Street Vet Surgery named Billie-Jean and is a second mother to her daughter’s dog Lucy Lulu.  They also enjoy the company from Ben the cat.