That’s right, Sam has now left to prepare for overseas travel and work and we have two very good vets to replace her.  First it was Dr Sophie Boyle three weeks ago, and now (4 December 2017) we have been joined by Dr Kirsty Downing.  Sophie and Kirsty have both come from outback mixed animal practices, country service perhaps?, and are now settling in at High Street.  Jocelyn will still be working as a Veterinarian on week days and some weekends and as a manager during the week.

We are sad to see Sam go but realise that vets have a big responsibility and a very versatile qualification that allows them to move from place to place.  Sam brought so much energy and sincerity to High Street that we have all benefited, especially our patients and clients. JFK was always quoted as saying “A rising tide lifts all boats”.  It is so true at High Street where all our Vets and Vet Nurses are our rising tide.

Cheers for now